Who We Are

Simone Investment Managers

Simone Investment Managers is a leading investment firm in Korea specializing in offshore investments and alternative investments

Affiliate of Simone

As an affiliate of Simone Co., we are able to capture diverse opportunities as both a strategic investor & financial investor

Our Vision

Our vision is to become Asia’s leading investment management company. By combining a stable financial support from our controlling shareholder, Simone Co., and our investment specailty, we are determined to become a leading investment firm in Asia

We specialize investing into real estates/infrastructure, private equity and  venture market

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Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with long experience in the financial market

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As a subsidiary of Simone Group, a global handbag manufacturer, we make our investment strategically

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Equity Capital(USD mn)


Accumulative AUM of 1.6bn USD


26 Investment Professional

 4 Risk/Compliance Managers

5 Administrative Professionals

Our Leadership

Our leadership is comprised of experts in the finance industry

CEO Greetings

Thank you for visiting Simone Investment Managers.

This is our 9th spring since the founding Simone Investment Managers. We have achieved continual growth thanks to support from our clients. We would once again like to appreciate for the warm support.

Despite our continual growth, we are still striving for further expansion and are determined to build a new vision for Simone Investment Managers.

We would like to inform our achievements and investment vehicles. Our global real estate, global securities/venture ‘Privately Placed Collective Investment Vehicle’  are operating successfully. In terms of ‘Private Equity Fund(PEF)/Buyout Vehicle’, we have successfully liquidated our first fund with a size of approximately $230mn and are successfully executing new investments. We would also like our clients to know that we have added a new type in our fund line-up earlier this year : We started investing in new technology companies using “investment associations” as funding vehicles.

On the other hand, we would be pleased to share with our customers another fact that in the second half of last year we established a new investment team specializing in “SOC and Infrastructure” to expand our investment area. We have hired the best-in-class professionals and have set-up a dedicated compliance & asset management system for the team.

We will utilize and build our strength and capabilities to achieve success in the market. Our firm’s key strengths and capabilities are as the following: 1) Investment professional with successful track records, 2) Global brand awareness and business capability of our parent company, Simone, 3) Ethical management and strong risk & compliance process and IT backed system, 4) Information and strategic capability enabling investment into diverse assets, 5) Global network enabling investment target discovery, screening and investment collaboration.

By leveraging these unique strengths and capabilities, we will continue to build a successful history in Korea’s financial market.

Chief Executive Officer

Soon-Yeon Cha

Over 1.3BN KRW Asset Under Management

We specialize in Real Estate, Private Equity and Venture Investments

Asset Under Management

as of 2019. 08. 30

ESG Investment

Our firms has preemptively implemented Sustainable Investment and Corporate Social Responsibiltiy(CSR) in our investment and asset managemnet process. Below is our investment regarding Envirnomental Responsibility(ER) and Social Responsibilty(SR)

HGI Simone Impact Fund  (Social Responsibility)

  • Simone is co-managing an impact investment fund with one of Korea’s top social ventures investors, HGI. The fund seeks to invest in venture firms that create both financial and social impact. Simone aims to contribute in creating social venture ecosystem, making impact investment a meaningful investment strategy in the financial market
  • The fund has invested in to 8 companies and 2 companies have completed preliminary certifications for Korean version of B-Corp
  • Company’s social mission and impact is evaluted for each investmet. Monitoring on ‘Impact KPI’ is done after the investment to check the portfolio company conforms with the guidelines

Rainbow PEF (Environmental Responsibility)

  • To tackle to envorinmental problem caused by plastic usage, Simone has invested into Korea’s Top PET Flake recycler
  • Rainbow PEF is Simone’s first fund regarding environmental responsiblity. Simone’s expects the investment will contribute to decrease in waste plastic, eventually decreasing the environmental impact of plastic usage

ESG Sector

Investment Summary

Investment Target

Fund Name

Establishment Date

Funds Size


Investment into (Preliminary) Korean B-Corps and Social Ventures

(Preliminary) Korean B-Corps and Social Ventures

HGI-Simone Impact Venture Investment Fund No.1


10.0bn KRW


Investment into Korea's top PET recycler

Korea's top PET recycler

Rainbow Private Equity Fund


31.1bn KRW

Simone has preemptively implemented Environmental Responsibility(ER) concept in global real estate investments

Simone Netherland Private Investment Fund No.1 (Environmental Responsiblity)

  • Simone Netherland Investment Fund No.1 has invested into De Rotterdam. De Rotterdam has gained Green Calc+ A Label, the top grade in terms of Sustainability certification

Simone Germany Real Estate Private Investment Fund No.2

    • The fund has invested into office building in Frankfurt Germany. The underlying asset, Lateral Towers, has gained ‘very good’ grade from BREEAM Certification, an certification for grading environmental friendly buildings

Simone U.S Real Estate Private Investment Fund No.3 (Fund of Fund) (Environmental Friendly)

  • A Fund of Fund investing into United State based environmental friendly buildings with a value-add strategy. Certification fees are reduced and possibility is increased as certifying for LEED or Energy Star is considered prior construction

ESG Sector

Investment Summary

Investment Target

Fund Name

Establishment Date

Fund Net Asset Value


Internal Rate of Return



Equity investment into a building that has obtained Green Calc+ A Label located at Rotterdam, Netherlands

Complex building locatd at Rotterdam, Netherlands(Office, Hotel, Retail, Parkign space)

- De Rotterdam

Simone Netherland Private Investment Fund No.1


162.7bn KRW



Equity investment into BREEAM certified(grade: very good) building located at Frankfrut, Germany.

Office bulding located at Hausen region, Frankfrut, Germany - Lateral Towers

Simone Germany Real Estate Private Investment Fund No.2


82.8bn KRW



Fund of Fund(FoF) investment into environmental friendly(LEED or Energy Star certified) buildings

Investment into shares of Principal Green Property Fund II, LP. Principal Green Property Fund II, L.P invests into environmental friendly(LEED or Energy Star certified) buildings

Simone U.S Real Estate Private Investment Fund No.3


9.4bn KRW


Affiliate of Simone Co.

We are a fully-owned subsidary of Simone Co.,  a leading global handbag manufacturer

About Simone Co., & Acc

Simone Co Ltd., which holds a 100% stake in Simone Investment Managers, is the holding company of the Simone Group, a globally leading handbag ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) whose superior products, outstanding operation and sound business practices are gaining international credibility.


Established on June 27, 1987 (split to form a Simone Acc.  on June 30, 2015)

Major Business

The holding company of the Simone Group

Total Assets & Net Income of Simone Co. (FY 2019)

– Total Assets: 270bn KRW
– Total Shareholders’ Equity: 269bn KRW
– Net Income: -7.3bn KRW

Total Assets & Net Income of Simone Acc. (FY 2018)

– Total Assets: 525bn KRW
– Total Shareholders’ Equity: 319bn KRW
– Net Income: 63.8bn KRW