Investment Management

Simone Investment Management Division draws on its diverse expertise and specialist knowledge to create and run innovative investment solutions to fully satisfy our clients’ needs. By offering our investors a more tailored investment program, we illustrate our commitment to putting our clients at the heart of everything we do

Head of Investment Management Division

Investment Strategy


Pre IPO Deal 

Our main course of business is investing in small to mid-size companies with high growth potential through CB and RCPS. We have experienced analysts across the industries to valuate companies, their current business status and future growth potentials.


We work closely with highly rated Law firms, Accounting Firms and SEC to effectively carry out Pre IPO deals.    


Strong Relationship with LP’s 

The hedge fund team has personnel with ample experience in PRE IPO deals and thus have a good running business relationship with various LPs domestically and abroad. Also, with the support of Simone Group, we are able to participate directly as an LP for various investment

Venture Investment

We invest into innovative venture companies across diverse industries.

However, due to our nature as a investment arm of Simone, we mainly focus on innovative consumer tech companies that can gain synergy with our parent company’s business area.

Apart from that, we put our endeavors on investing into ‘social ventures’ that can impact the society.


Smart factory

Manufacturing Automation & Robotics

Fashion tech

Startups that can disrupt the traditional fashion industry

consumer enablement

Tech-enabled consumer related startups


Vertical e-commerce, Thematic E-commerce

healthcare &education

Social Venture & Impact Investment

Family Office

Fund of Fund Investment

Investment into tailor made funds managed by global asset managers

Long-Term Investment

Long term investment with minimum risk taking regard characteristics of Family Office Investment    

Asset Allocation

Strategic and tactical asset allocation taking into domestic & international macro environment and risk factors

Our Values


By maintaining a commitment to our principles of integrity, discipline and excellence, we aim to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Unique Thinking

By nurturing an environment of creativity and innovation, we seek to be unique in our way of thinking.


By encouraging everyone to contribute, regardless of their role or level, we believe our emphasis on collaboration leads to the most forward-thinking solutions